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Oikos and the Ox, or for the ox pt. 3

It is truly unfortunate for the ox that we, in the center of the capitalist world, at the very moment we developed a plough with no need for an ox developed an equally sophisticated machine in the abattoir. Continue reading

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flesh made meat, or for the ox pt. 2

For whom does the ox wait? For no one. There is only the master and the ox, and the master cannot betray ou’s own well-being. And the ox lacks the mental facilities to realize it’s own potential for liberation. As … Continue reading

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for the ox is the poor man’s slave, a work in progress pt. 1

Aristotle says: Out of these two relationships between man and woman, master and slave, the first thing to arise is the family, and Hesiod is right when he says, “First house and wife and an ox for the plough,” for the ox … Continue reading

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Mercy Killings, or Between Suffering and Exploitation

I’ve neglected this blog for a little bit (I was working on and researching for other writing projects). Anyway: Is there such thing as a mercy killing? There, after all, we collectively find it alright to impose a Kevorkian salvation … Continue reading

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Escaping the Cycle

Courtesy of Gawker. I first heard about this graphic from My Face is On Fire. She talks about how veganism isn’t about perfect purity, but minimizing to the best of one can reasonably reduce. As most vegans already know, animal-free … Continue reading

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Is Eating Meat Speciesist?

Most vegans would say yes. Me, I’m curious as to if that is necessarily the case. The logic seems to go that some of us eat animal flesh, and have no moral qualms because we view animals as some how … Continue reading

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On the possibility of three+ choices

A little less than a month ago Gary Francione posted to his site, Abolitionist Approach, a very short post entitled No Third Choice. Francione’s first paragraph: There is veganism and there is animal exploitation. There is no third choice. If … Continue reading

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