I used to be vegan. Like really into it–the vegan subculture was fun for awhile, but I’ve never really been a fan of orthodoxy or purity or hardline rules. I gained a lot from being vegan, and I wouldn’t erase my years of not consuming animals, I’ve just migrated into a different place. For me a post-vegan site of contemplation about ethical interactions and consumptions outside the realm of veganism.

I still eat vegan most of the time. And I’ll freegan it up anytime. But I will chow down on some flesh if I feel like it, and I really like making cheeses and yogurt and butter, and plant-milks just don’t work like that.

So this blog will have posts about food, ethics, culture, politics, plants, animals, and so on and so forth.

You can read an interview with me over at Let Them Eat Meat.

You can send hate mail, love letters, questions, polemics, and whatever you want to thenonpracticingvegan[AT]gmail[DOT][COM].


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  1. Rod Morrison says:

    You speak the truth and so do we. We are 100% organic and 100% pasture raised. We do it because we believe that the protein that we consume should be free of all chemicals and raised in a humane way. Watch our videos and please feel free to share what we do with your friends and family. I would very much enjoy you tasting our 100% organic products if your interested email me and checkout the website and tell me what you would like! It is the best we know, we raised it on our Certified Organic Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. You can taste it’s purity.

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