What Vegans Say About Carnism

From the Carnism.com section for meat-eaters:

In order to eat the flesh or excretions of a once-living being, we need to disconnect, psychologically and emotionally, from the truth of our experience. We need to “numb” our authentic thoughts and emotions, to block our awareness (i.e., we must think that we’re eating “meat,” rather than a dead animal) and our empathy for the animal who became our food – and awareness and empathy are integral to our sense of self.

There are a lot of assumptions about the phenomenological experience of flesh-eating. That is one way to eat meat. Another way is to actually relish the experience, to enjoy eating animal parts or excretions. Just as tantric texts call for the ecstatic consumption, and rejoining with death and excrement and the chaotic nature of the universe. But, I guess some of us prefer numb and ordered plates.

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One Response to What Vegans Say About Carnism

  1. LiseyDuck says:

    So how would the ‘steak’ scientists managed to make from human excrement fit in here? 😉

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