Another Self Proclaimed Carnist

Turns out there is another self-proclaimed carnist on the scene: food writer, Josh Ozersky. Who proposes the “Carnist Challenge.” Which is the usual making meat-eating cruelty free.

He starts by pointing out with:

I just learned the word carnist. It means me. Giving special names to nearly universal attributes is a tactic used by people seeking to undercut the “normal” status of a particular lifestyle; transgender people, to take a similar, not-unrelated example, call straight folk “cisgendered.”

Which is not exactly spot-on, because he ignores the powerful political and semiotic force of such words (as well as incorrectly equalizes straightness with cis-ness), but hey, Time used the word cisgendered even if in scare quotes.

He then goes on to say that he gets the points made by vegans, but that they are unanswerable. Which is untrue.

The piece then goes on to basically become a platform for Whole Foods, and wishy-washy welfarist poo-poo.

Then ends with:

I’m not under the illusion that these piecemeal efforts are especially effective, or that they require much sacrifice on my part. They’re not, and they don’t. But as with the amount of meat at a meal, something is better than nothing. Even a carnist can see that.

I’m not even sure anymore why I took the time for this cursory analysis on a decidedly boring carnist, but hey, its not everyday you see a self-proclaimed one.

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2 Responses to Another Self Proclaimed Carnist

  1. LiseyDuck says:

    I think annoyance with wishy-washy welfarist poo-poo might be one thing you and I agree on!

  2. Royce says:

    Oh, I’m certain there are far more than a distaste for welfarist poo-poo.

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