6 Notes on the Vegan Roanoke

1. The once vibrant vegan blogosphere seems to have faced a mass extinction. A number of blogs that focused on animal rights haven’t been updated since early 2010, or even earlier. Other blogs are updating once a month or once every two months. What happened?

2. The Abolitionist Approach Forum even went private in December as a Christmas gift to shy vegan posters.

3. It’s like coming back to the Roanoke Colony.

4. Have the veganwebz really been reduced to quinoa and cupcakes? Are Francione and Vigneault the only ones blogging regularly?

5. Is the pythagoreancrank “vegan” or do they “just follow a vegan diet?”

6. Or are there spaces where vibrant and interesting discussions about/with AR-based veganism are actually still happening online? Where did they all go?

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One Response to 6 Notes on the Vegan Roanoke

  1. Ben says:

    Worth noting that at least one Harvard archaeologist has considered that the Roanoke settlers were eaten by cannibals:
    Look out, vegan bloggers! All of your worst (and most self-justifying) nightmares could very well come true!

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