This is Why I’m Not #3: He Eats Them. He is bad.

“Veganism was never one of my issues. I never gave two shits about vegans. I was vegan because I once believed it was the only way to fight speciesism. I stopped believing that long before I stopped following an explicitly vegan diet.”
and later
“Vegans aren’t oppressed. Animals are. I’m against cages, against slavery, against abuse. I’m for freedom, for partnerships, and for care.”

Hes against abuse but eats them..I see. /s

VOC moderators ..when are you going to remove him from the top of the blog? He obviously didnt care about anyone here.

I’M A MONSTER! Nah, I wish.

We live in such a consumer society that personal, material consumption is seen as the same thing as economic and ethical consent.

A freegan could eat meat everyday pilfered from dumpsters and never would they contribute anymore (probably far less) to animal exploitation, animal suffering, or animal harm than a vegan.

I don’t know why this person quoted me talking about how veganism isn’t important and vegans aren’t oppressed. Is it that upsetting? You know who else doesn’t give two shits about vegans: the animals.

I can only hope that my name is erased from the top of the blog. I wouldn’t want anyone to be confused and think that I’m still vegan.



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