Escaping the Cycle

Courtesy of Gawker.

I first heard about this graphic from My Face is On Fire. She talks about how veganism isn’t about perfect purity, but minimizing to the best of one can reasonably reduce.

As most vegans already know, animal-free alternatives to many of the items listed off can be found quite easily…and many are just altogether easily avoidable… It may not always make life convenient to look for alternatives or to refrain from using certain products, but veganism isn’t about doing what’s convenient for us. Veganism is about not using non-human animals as things that exist for our convenience.

As I’ve thought about it more and more, veganism should really be anti-capitalist. It seems a logical extension, because as long as capitalist modes of production exist there is, as Gawker says, “no such thing as a vegan.” Or can vegans buy themselves to a vegan future?

I may no longer be a vegan, but I would like to see a world where being vegan is possible.

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