Defensive Omnivore #1: Is it G!d’s fault?

Have you seen the defensive omnivore bingo?

It is truly genius. Because who doesn’t get tired of hearing all of these from omnivores who think they have stumbled upon an original thought. But, since these all appear so often as to be inside jokes to most vegans perhaps there is a kernel of truth in them. Perhaps not. But I’m going to give it a try, for I believe behind this flippant statements are important questions from omnivore to vegan.

If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

Behind the flippancy is a solid question. All vegans claim that we don’t need to eat animals, only some argue that we’re not supposed to. And I don’t just mean that we have a moral imperative to not eat meat, but that our bodies break down and get cancer and high blood pressure from the consumption of meat. That eating meat kills us.

The G!d in the question can equally refer to G!d-as-moral-arbiter (It is morally wrong to eat animals) and G!d-as-Nature (Eating animals kills the eater). Either way according to that particular vegan narrative it is bad to eat animals.

Then why do we eat them? “Why are they made out of meat?” Why are their organs and vessels and muscles seen as edibles. A lot of vegans will say that it is due to the carnist culture we reside in, that no person who knew as a child the suffering that must be done to eat animals, could eat them. But people ate flesh long before they were alienated from the production of meat.

Humans, for better or worse, are omnivores. It’s not just that we can eat almost everything. But that the entire world looks like dinner. G!d didn’t just make animals out of meat, he made the world out of food.

The argument that humans aren’t supposed to eat flesh biologically will never fly true to most people. We’re omnivorous beings. If meat consumption is an aberration why do we desire it? Why pretend that it is a biological necessity to go vegan instead of acknowledging that it is an ethical and political issue?

To bring in G!d is the omnivore’s last line of defense against vegans who have claimed scientific and moral knowledge. G!d/Nature/evolution made us this way. G!d/Nature/evolution is(are) the ultimate authorities. We see animals as food and we see plants as food and the whole world is food.

Why would it be immoral to do what we were made to do?

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