what to do with them gourds

I currently have four or five pumpkins in my dining room. There were more, but I’ve been making puree (or the closest I can get without a food processor). I’ve spent many a night staying up until four roasting these bad boys, then doing my best to mash/puree with a wide mug and a knife…and mornings eating pumpkin pancakes.

I’ve been inspired by the Banana Breakfast scene in Gravity’s Rainbow, I just don’t really have people interested in eating my pumpin goodies.

And I’m tired of breakfast foods by self. I’m going to put a call out for pumpkin recipes (especially savory ones) and maybe, just maybe. I’ll get organized and try and make a pumpkin zine by next autumn so no one dare need waste these delicious squashes.

How to Make Pumpkin Purée(ish)

(for those of us who don’t have food processors and don’t like accurate recipes)

1. Cut a pumpkin in half.

2. Place halves on baking sheets with a cup of water for each half.

3. Roast in oven @ 400F for an hour and a half (really depends on size of pumpkin.

4. When done the skin should peel right off, though a knife may be handy. Don’t burn yourself.

5. Mash that sweet, sweet flesh. I use a coffee mug.

6. Mix into baked goods. Pancakes with cinnamon and nutmeg are tasty.

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