Vegan Envy

I’ve reached a consensus with most of my post-vegan friends: we’ve got some vegan envy. I think that maybe why I kept returning to hardline veganism (and that I got to do text-play on vegansofcolor).

But like most of everything I do, veganism ran its course. I can no longer throw myself behind absolutist ideologies. Though I’m jealous of people who still get to call themselves vegan. Because everyone laughs at me when I say I’m a non-practicing vegan…like I can suddenly stop being culturally vegan, because really, people are. I’m still obsessed with animal liberation, critical animal studies and animal free foodcraft, I just have a thirst/hunger for blood and flesh and other bodily secretions and pieces.

So, I’m just going to write here from now on, about things I would have veganed so hard on in the past. You know the intersections of food and animals with culture and politics and economics (and all that other shit). Welcome. I hope I update often.



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4 Responses to Vegan Envy

  1. Natasha says:

    Err, “bodily secretions”??? I don’t think veganism has to have such a hard line mentality…it’s one of the things I don’t like too much either. Yet, I am still a vegan. Your approach to food seems to consider its ethics and that’s the most laudable part so congrats on your progressive move, non-practicing vegan!

    • Royce says:

      Haha, thanks.

      Bodily secretions comes from me talking to a housemate about how dairy is a total perversion, and what calls more attention to how perverse than calling it out as a bodily secretion.

  2. Sue says:

    Thats right. Calling it bodily secretions keeps the vegan gagging at the thought of ever eating dairy. It paints a different picture to just calling it dairy.

  3. Christine says:

    I found your blog from the good-bye post at VoC and just read all of it. I think your critique is refreshing, and I hope you continue to write and think.

    Give you a sense where I am coming from, I’m vegan and Unitarian Universalist, meaning that I dabble in an absolutist community and a community that believes in letting all individuals make their own choices. It’s a weird marriage of identities. While I do not see myself giving up veganism, I appreciate the way you critique some of the most counter-productive aspects of veganism. Thanks for writing.

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